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Immigration restrictions to be expanded by Donald Trump

Immigration restrictions to be expanded by Donald Trump

Certain visas that allow foreigners to move into the US temporarily in order to work will be suspended according to an announcement by the Trump administration. According to the Trump administration, this is being done in order to make it easy for Americans looking for employment to find jobs and the restrictions will ease the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy as well.

Nick 2 months

Admittedly this ban is only stated as a temporary one for the time being, but temporary government measures all too often have a tendency to become permanent in all but name, it would still be bad for American companies since the positions that most of these H-1B visa holders fill are there because there aren't any native born Americans who are qualified to fill them. Even most students in American universities who study to fill these positions are non-citizens. This measure will have very little positive impact to the president's base since very few of them would be hired for these positions even with the ban in place and would have a definite negative imapct on American companies since they would be unable to attract the best talent from other countries. Even if the ban is really temporary it would leave a shadow in the hearts of those skilled professionals American companies want to hire, since they wouldn't know when such a ban might be put in place again.

porcus 2 months

GREAT. Makes sense.

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