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Pelosi says GOP ’trying to get away with murder’ on police reform bill

Pelosi says GOP ’trying to get away with murder’ on police reform bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that Republicans are ’trying to get away with murder’ with their policing legislation, emphasizing that the bill incentivizes police departments to ban chokeholds rather than mandating them to do so. ’We’re saying no chokeholds, they’re not saying no chokeholds. There’s a big difference. What’s the compromise? Some chokeholds?’.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

How in the holy hell is this detestable windbag trying to tie federal legislation into an event that happened in a Democrat city's jurisdiction, 100% under the actual policies of that city. This will all be brought out at trial and frankly the cop might get off. Trying to blame Republicans is very weird and an obvious political tactic.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 months

After which she proudly proclaimed, "WAKANDA FOREVAH!", while crossing her arms.

darkwingsmurf 2 months

Local policing should stay just that LOCAL. Also how are republicans to blame when these aren’t republicans districts unless I’m mistaken these all are problems we seeing in democratic controlled area

Max Mahoney
Max Mahoney 2 months

Oh please, if anyone's trying to get away with murder, it's Democrats.

IIZard 2 months


Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 months

From all the real issues that are going on, this evil wrench is focusing on this? Pathetic!

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Good job Pelosi. You earned 53 woke points with that statement. You can cash out your woke points or save them for cool cash and prizes.

OtaRev 2 months

I suspect it's less about choke-holds and more about the pork in your bill.

endubito 2 months

"Get away with murder." She so subtle and clever! A downright Lincolnian wit on that one.

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