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Trump addresses students in Arizona

Trump addresses students in Arizona

President Trump on Tuesday addressed a crowd of student supporters at a megachurch in Phoenix. The rally was part of a series of smaller events in the state centered on reelection, focusing on border security, preserving monuments of Confederate soldiers and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. ’Our people are stronger. And our people are smarter. And we are the elite’, Trump said during the event.

Fin 2 months

Right it's American dream to be enslaved n then by some miracle be one of few that won the scratch off lottery to kinda sorta get a few pesos resembling reparations.... N yes she then used her salary to help others left the product love the person behind the product.. No so much the pejorative of use of aunt or uncle.... As applied to her n the rice man

Seekster 2 months

Keep up the good fight.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

“Arizona is seeing disturbing trends in several benchmarks, including the percentage of tests that prove positive for the virus, which is the highest in the nation.” “The state reported a new daily record of nearly 3,600 additional coronavirus cases Tuesday as Arizona continued to set records for the number of people hospitalized, in intensive care and on ventilators for COVID-19. Arizona’s total caseload in the pandemic stands at at least 58,179, with 42 more deaths reported Tuesday, raising the death toll to 1,384.” Trump selfishly holds a rally in another area Covid cases are rising rapidly. If there is any doubt he cares little if at all for the citizens of the US the evidence he doesn’t is right here. He is willing to unnecessarily risk his own supporters health for his ego and reelection bid. Sad.

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