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Wrongful arrest in Detroit following false facial recognition match

Wrongful arrest in Detroit following false facial recognition match

According to activists, a false facial recognition match has resulted in a 42-year old black man being wrongfully arrested in Detroit. The man, Robert Williams, was arrested in front of his wife and two daughters in the month of January. The facial recognition software linked him to a grainy surveillance video of a man shoplifting.

Tom A
Tom A
Robert_Clearwater 2 months

This isn't a race issue. Police need to be aware that a computer matching pictures in a vacuum is not a high enough bar for the courtroom. Eventually enough juries will refuse to convict on computer matching evidence and prosecutors will no longer rely on it and the practice will fall out of use. But advertisers can still use it, your fancy new order kiosk at Wendy's will use it to have Wendy track you and react in real time with facial movements, statistics folks will use it to watch your facial reactions at conventions or children's expressions playing with toys, so many uses for this kind of stuff. All these companies that say they are not developing AI recognition are either lying or behind the curve.

jim Jones
jim Jones 2 months

Does this mean we'll have to wait for the next update before we can unveil RoboCop?

Hydroceles 2 months

This will be a trend over the next century.

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