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Biden holds 14-point lead over Trump nationally, shows poll

Biden holds 14-point lead over Trump nationally, shows poll

In the latest New York Times/Siena College poll, Joe Biden holds a 14-point lead over President Trump. Fifty percent of respondents said that they would vote for Biden, while 36% said they’d vote for Trump. Biden had a 74-point lead among Black voters and a 38-point lead among Hispanic voters over Trump. The poll, conducted June 17-22, surveyed 1337 registered voters.

Craig 2 months

And Hillary was predicted to win the last election according to the polls.

MozartFX 2 months

My white Democrat neighbors have gotten very quiet and unable to defend the destruction of statues and defunding of police. They seem very concerned about the direction of the New Democrat Party.

Seekster 2 months

Oh dear I guess Democrats won't even need to vote in large numbers because Biden is so clearly going to win. /s 😉

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

I love how all the polls showed a tight race then CNN released a fake poll that the Trump administration attacked and now suddenly everyone is saying 14% 🙄

porcus 2 months

HaHa! Sure MSM sure. :D

G 2 months

It surveys a little over 1000 people and then NYT calls it a “national” poll. That’s the problem right there. That’s not even enough for a city.

Dave 2 months

Well yeah, when you can get your head bashed in and lose your job for wearing a red hat, who is going to admit they are voting for Trump to a stranger on the phone?

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 2 months

Fake News, " So where do you want all this bovine biproduct as created by feeding our poll numbers papers through our expert analysis biomachinery?" Average person, "You mean bs, you're trying to give me bs."

Kalki 2 months

Giant douche vs turd sandwich...member berries. Democracy at its best.

Robinhood 2 months

So let me ask you people who do you really think is winning right now?

Jon 2 months

Everyone refering to 2016: If you cant see how the 2020 election is vastly different with everything that has happened in just this past year you really are living in a different reality 🤦‍♂️

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 months

I stopped reading when it said New York Times, (a former newspaper).

Ned 2 months

I respond "Biden" to all polls. You have no idea how many we are and how deep our resolve. You'll find out Nov 3. Until then, polls? 😅🤣😂🤣

Josh 2 months

Let's set what happens on November 3rd. I don't trust polls released my manipulative sources. Look at 2016. It was supposed to be a Hillary landslide.

Louie Fillet
Louie Fillet 2 months

New York Times. Lol.

Cam 2 months

I could be entirely wrong here, but part of me believes what this signals isn’t a shift of people from Trump to Biden (that isn’t happening in any large way), but an end of polling participation from people who support Trump. I know quite a few very staunch Trump supporters, and not a single one would answer a poll honestly. Pretty much everyone I know who is liberal actively and sometimes vocally hopes they get called by a pollster. Again, I may be wrong, but I’m pretty confident polling today is missing a not insignificantly small block of people.

_齐晓__ 2 months

I hope that Biden will be as helpful as comrade Trump if he gets elected.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 2 months

Pew Research 7/8 - 7/18 46 44 Kerry +2 IBD/TIPP 7/12 - 7/17 42 40 Kerry +2 Marist 7/12 - 7/15 45 44 Kerry +1 CBS News/NY Times 7/11 - 7/15 45 42 Kerry +3 Democracy Corps (D) 7/10 - 7/13 48 45 Kerry +3 ABC News/Wash Post 7/8 - 7/11 46 46 Tie CNN/USA Today/Gallup 7/8 - 7/11 50 45 Kerry +5 IBD/TIPP 7/6 - 7/10 47 43 Kerry +4 Newsweek 7/8 - 7/9 47 44 Kerry +3 Time 7/6 - 7/8 47 45 Kerry +2 Zogby 7/6 - 7/7 47 45 Kerry +2 AP-Ipsos 7/5 - 7/7 45 49 Bush +4 NBC/WSJ 7/6 - 7/6 49 41 Kerry +8 ARG 7/1 - 7/3 47 44 Kerry +3

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 2 months

I think I have seen this one before

6Million$Mansplainer 2 months

Didn't they learn from Hillary polls?

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