Jim Jordan: AG Barr is trying to ’clean up the mess’ from the Obama DoJ

Jim Jordan: AG Barr is trying to ’clean up the mess’ from the Obama DoJ

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Wednesday said that AG Barr is trying to clean up the politics that existed in the Obama administration while dismissing the allegation in an interview that the DOJ under the present administration is political. ’Never forget, Eric Holder said he was Obama’s wingman. Never forget that it was the Obama Justice Department that went after investigative journalists.’

David 2 months

Ha! Jim "I See Nothing" Jordan has made a lucrative career of providing cover to criminal behavior.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 months

General Flynn is cleared. Time for his 4th star and new job as head of the intelligence Agencies. The fight is just beginning pedocrats. Treason is still a capital offence.

Fin 2 months

Right Jim and u didn't know anything about the wrestlers being molested while u coached at college... N the moon is indeed made of cheese

Darren 2 months

More accusations without evidence from democratic drones.

Pryotra 2 months

I mean, it would explain alot of Barr's actions, especially how he keeps things so close to the chest.

BlueGrover 2 months

Barr is acting as Trump's towel boy and undermining the DOJ in the process.

Jon 2 months

They are squashing these investigations because they were closing in on people close to Epstein and we already know Trump and Barr were, there are literally hundreds of pictures of Trump and him together...Ironic that Jordan is involved in another sexual abuse cover up🤔

Jon 2 months

Jim Jordan who lied and covered up sexual abuse of his team? Oh ok Jimmy whatever you say 🙄🤦‍♂️

Charles 2 months

Just lies from a compulsive liar. And one who can’t seem to remember the history of even a few years ago. So he makes it up as he goes along. But what about Hillary’s emails? Who killed Epstein? Where are the squirrels when you need them?

Daniel 2 months

What a tool.

Christopher 2 months

Ole gym jordan with zero credibility on ANYTHING.

sheree 2 months

Barr isnt cleaning,mostly hes brown nosing trump

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