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NASA names headquarters after its first black female engineer, Mary W. Jackson

NASA names headquarters after its first black female engineer, Mary W. Jackson

NASA announced Wednesday that it would name its Washington, D.C., headquarters after Mary W. Jackson, the organization’s first black female engineer. Jackson, who joined NASA’s predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, as a mathematician in 1951, had to earn a special permission to join in a training program, that took place in a then-segregated school, to become an engineer.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 5 months

"In 2019, President Donald J. Trump signed the Hidden Figures Congressional Gold Medal Act". I was led to believe Trump ran a racist administration. With that said, her recognition seems well-deserved.

Flitch 5 months

Good for her. She did it without special privileges and on her own merits, an inspiration.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 5 months

Wait, I thought Obama had already done this... Oh, Obama was only good because he was black, not good because he did things. Took a point in time when the country is "Racist" and lead by a "Racist" leader protected by "Racist colour killing white supremacist cops". Why are they pointing out that she is a black female? Mary is a females name, she looks pretty black in the pic too. How about we just hold here equal to everyone now. I understand she probaby fought through adversity to get there but for the time she was chosen to work there, she was probably the best person for the job, not the best female black for the job.

John W
John W 5 months

Quick build a statue so, BLM can pull it down.

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months

Great! She was an inspiration and despite did did great things.

SickOfTribalisem 5 months

Ok......... only a shame it's a propoganda move.. to opease the mob.... a shame it reduces somthing.. it hurts the mwmory...

MrWizard 5 months

Nothing but virtue signalling. I thought we judged people on their achievements, not on the color of their skin? But good for her I guess.

M Medi
M Medi 5 months

Long overdue! Loved getting to know about these ladies in the Hidden Figures book.

The Lemon
The Lemon 5 months

2020 The Year of Wokeness. Really waking people up this year to what matters and what are distractions from the bigger picture.

Fin 5 months

John Glenn one great pilot n republican understood the dignity n value of every person... Trusted her n only her to get him up n into orbit

ithpally321 5 months

Good, she deserves it. An amazing woman to be sure.

🇺🇸 SCT 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 SCT 🇺🇸 5 months

But would they have done this before all this BLM BS. Answer would most likely be NO.

ronnie massart
ronnie massart 5 months

Jesus Christ

Deet 5 months

Yes because fuck all the other man and woman that worked there. They were white, idiots!

Fin 5 months

Ms Jackson went to court to get a court order into the classes needed to get her into the segregated courses denied to her thanks to Jim crow laws... She won.... Wasn't a perfect win but she blew em away in engineering courses class... N she blew em away at nasa........ N nasa is a national treasure........ N John Glenn adored his human math geniuses n programmers n engineers.... John. Glenn was real deal of what once was all dear n republican...he worked for every one equally n so did his living wife... By today's Maga twisted idea Sen Glenn would be branded a rino... N less than worthy of being known as a courageous reluctant humble hero......

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 5 months

That would be cool if it wasn't solely done to appease the left and their agenda

Fin 5 months

Yes... One very brilliant mind..

Laci_ 5 months

We can learn about her and other two black women's life from the book and movie Hidden Figures.

Seekster 5 months

Good. Now get Boeing to finish the SLS on time so we can go back to the Moon.

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