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US Senate passes China sanctions bill over Hong Kong

US Senate passes China sanctions bill over Hong Kong

The US Senate has unanimously passed a legislation Thursday that would impose sanctions on Chinese officials who restrict Hong Kong’s autonomy, as well as the banks and state entities that do business with them. The Hong Kong Autonomy Act, authored by GOP Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, will now go to the House of Representatives.

Highlander 5 months

I will bet that the Dem help Senate will find some ridiculous reason to block the bill. Very likely they will call it racist just like they did when Trump enacted the travel ban against China. I'm pretty sure Pelosi is a bought and paid for operative of the CCP.

Spartacus 5 months

China is asshole

Rburgoxd 5 months

Yes, please more of this.

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months

Excellent! Free Hong Kong!

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 5 months

Glorious. Now business will stampede out of that sh"=thole

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