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Satellite images show new Chinese structures near site of borderclash with India

Satellite images show new Chinese structures near site of borderclash with India

China appears to have added new structures near the site of a deadly border clash with India in the western Himalayas, fresh satellite pictures show, heightening concerns about further flare-ups between the nuclear-armed neighbours. The satellite images showing new construction activity in the week following the brutal hand-to-hand combat that left a reported 20 Indian soldiers dead.

ZBL64 2 months

The Chinese say they want peace but the build up proves otherwise. They feel India is a good test subject for their military to venture into claimed but not occupied territory since India does not have a mutual defense pact with the USA. The Chinese military has moved past the historic line of actual control forcing India to defend itself but since China already claims large parts of this area, China feels that it is legal for them to set up military camps. Certainly though, both countries don't want to lose face by giving up territory, especially now given that nationalistic views are running at an all time high.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

The CCP isn't exactly known for making strong buildings, these are probably more like lean-tos or styrofoam concrete barracks.

Forelle 2 months

I unterstand that China is an brutal dictatorship that calls it self communist,but why ? India wont invade and China can not invade them.

David Webb
David Webb 2 months

I was expecting to see some Tesla coils

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