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Thousands flocking to English beaches trigger ’major incident’ response

Thousands flocking to English beaches trigger ’major incident’ response

Thousands of beach goers in England defied social distancing Thursday as they flocked to the seaside to beat the UK’s warmest day (over 30 degrees Celsius) of the year, triggering a ’major incident’ alarm by the officials of Bournemouth. Officials said they were ’appalled’ at the scenes as the crowd drained local resources, leading to problems of illegal parking and gridlock on the roads.

Deet 2 months

This is useless. Let people live and take the risk of being exposed. People that are scared and at risk should stay home. Thats it

WWG1WGA 2 months

Kung Flu is only dangerous for old ppl and sick ppl.

IIZard 2 months

"ignore the riots and the communists attacking your heratige" -msm

Jason 2 months

Officials were appalled!! Bad children, you should stay home and not play with your friends. You must be healthy to work for mother and keep her fat

FactCheckerNeil 2 months

The beach near me is packed too, statically some of those thousands are contagious. I want to know how full it would be if people learned how to fact check. I personally know people who think the vista doesn't exist

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