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Minneapolis City Council unanimously approves proposal to dismantle PD

Minneapolis City Council unanimously approves proposal to dismantle PD

The Minneapolis City Council approved a proposal that would amend the city’s charter to allow the city police department to be dismantled. The proposal’s passage is the first step toward making the decision a ballot measure in the November election. The proposal would replace the PD with a Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention.

Seekster 2 months

So the people of Minneapolis have to approve this? Good, let the citizens choose lawful or chaotic.

Jallal 2 months

When you ask for police regulations but they just destroy the police instead

Logan 2 months

Has anyone seen what New Jersey did? They dismantled the police department and replaced it with a new more modern one of which lowered crime rates and improve the quality of life and productivity in the city.

Matthew Smithies
Matthew Smithies 2 months

I wonder what techniques the new “peace officers” will use when encountering armed suspects? Or being charged at with a knife? Traffic stops are sometimes life or death for police, decision making under that amount of stress is an exceptional ability to have I wonder how many “peace officers” will get killed before the public will realise that enforcing law, however you brand the law enforcers, is an incredibly difficult job. Sure, it’s a nice sentiment to police with community support rather than rigid brute force but I’m not sure people realise what shitty things some humans do to others. Every situation is different and non lethal takedown solutions don’t always work. I’m super curious to see how this will pan out.

sam 2 months

Good. Now we will get to see what that would look like. Hope people can observe without preconceived notions getting in the way of seeing what that would look like. We shall see what is more powerful, fear of change, or the fact that things cannot remain as they are without civil war.

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