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White Minneapolis residents won’t call cops on homeless camp in park

White Minneapolis residents won’t call cops on homeless camp in park

A Minneapolis neighborhood has been overrun by a homeless encampment that’s grown to as many as 300 people — amid an agreement among progressive white residents to not call the police, according to a new report. -NY Post

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione
J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 5 months

And they will get what they deserve. I'll be laughing my butt off at the results.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 5 months

“Joseph Menkevich found a man wearing a hospital bracelet passed out in an elevator in his apartment building last Thursday and called 911 for an ambulance. However police showed up for the overdose victim – who is black – and Menkevich – who is white – said the call didn't have the desired outcome.” 'It didn't resolve in a way that I had hoped,' Menkevich told the New York Times. 'All they did was offer to bring him back to the hospital. He refused, so they kicked him out on a rainy night.' “The incident came as people across the country have called to defund the police and put some the $115 billion budget into areas such as affordable housing, substance abuse treatment and job training.” This is a great example of why diverting some funding of the police to social programs, low income housing, rehab facilities, etc. makes sense. Cops are called, do not have the skills, training, or resources to help so they tell the man ‘move along’. This neither helps the man or eliminates the problem as it simply moves it elsewhere.

Gordon 5 months

Do these progressives also clean up the mess every week? I'm sure the situation does wonders for property values and people trying to sell.

Ilya Yakymenko
Ilya Yakymenko 5 months

So progressive

Seekster 5 months

So people can break into their houses and steal stuff because they won't call the cops and I bet they ain't armed either.

Maureen 5 months

They are stupid not to call the cops.

Maureen 5 months

They are stupid

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