Twitter to refine fact-checking labels on tweets linking COVID-19 to 5G

Twitter to refine fact-checking labels on tweets linking COVID-19 to 5G

As a stand taken against spread of conspiracy theory linking Covid and 5G networks, Twitter will fix the frequency of the fact-checking labels that is intended only to apply to tweets that link COVID-19 to 5G technology.

IvoryDove 2 months

The only thing more stup1d than "5g causes COVID-19" is "Twitter is not being used as a social engineering tool by political elites".

Anne 2 months

This is completely pointless and may even be counterproductive. People who believe in 5G conspiracy theories aren’t likely to trust a big tech company like Twitter, are they? It’s just going to make their beliefs stronger.

FactCheckerNeil 2 months

I've talked to loads of clueless 5g conspiracy nuts and they make claims that can be debunked in 10 seconds. I blame fake news again!

sergio.O 2 months

I really don't get how can people can believe such idiocy...and In terms of conspiracy ive seen worse...

General Zap
General Zap 2 months

You can't fix stupid.

user from Oregon
user from Oregon 2 months

Sounds like a bunch of propaganda

David 2 months

Twitter should look into the wave of progressive voices suspended for shockingly mild anti Trump tweets. Clearly Twitter needs to add another layer of supervision over these partisan hacks. Pro-Trump operatives at Twitter have acquired the authority to ban progressive users and permanently suspended my account under Twitter's policy against "Threatening Hate Speech" after I tweeted, "Ho hum, another day, another blonde bimbo joins the Trump administration." [who knew blonde bimbos were a protected class?] Dismissive? Yes, but "threatening hate speech "? Talk about snowflakes!

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