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Pence states leaders of Black Lives Matter movement have ’radical left’ agenda

Pence states leaders of Black Lives Matter movement have ’radical left’ agenda

US Vice President Michael Richard Pence on the topic of racism. When confronted to say ’Black Lives Matter’, the VP resisted, saying he does not agree with the group’s political message and insisting that ’all lives matter’. Pence stated that BLM’s leaders have turned to a ’radical left’ agenda, which is why he prefers not to support the movement’s name.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 2 months

One of the co-founders of BLM said they are trained Marxist, yet the media isn't reporting the facta but makes it sound like Pence is pulling this out of his arse!

I Just Want Facts
I Just Want Facts 2 months

I love how people defend their subliminal racism by discrediting entire movements by calling them extremist and "radical" even when it's a pretty straightforward cause... SMH

Aryanna 2 months

Ah yes the "radical left" agenda of Stop Killing People. Come on right side of the isle... how are you not tired of these goons?

Rose 2 months

I’m so tired of the right/left talking points. Let’s just boil it down to this: BLM protesters disagree. And rich, white elites can’t relate. Then there is all the other bigots out there... ‘nuff said.

Just_Saying 2 months

It so rare that Trump isn't taking up all the oxygen that we are just not used to hearing Pence get a turn race baiting, fear stroking, emotionally manipulative propaganda that is red meat for their core white nationalist base and a fan for insecure whites afraid of change. Would love a 50 state rejection but think a 45 to 47 state rejection of the trump team, his propaganda, policies, and bigoted dreams for america is a real possibility. Wouldn't it be great to see Moscow Mitch, his corrupt deal making transportation secretary Chow wife, and Miss Lindsey Graham out of a government job and forced to beg Rupert for a job on the fascist leaning Fox made up news channel?

A Rho
A Rho 2 months

I don’t think anyone (on either side of the issue) expected any level of support from Mike Pence. Come on! 🤣🤣

Sherlock 2 months

And as terrorists they should be treated, act now.

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