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Researchers at Wuhan lab were hospitalized in Nov 2019: US intel

Researchers at Wuhan lab were hospitalized in Nov 2019: US intel

According to previously undisclosed US intel, 3 researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology became sick enough in November 2019 that they sought hospital care. A report said that several researchers at the lab became sick in autumn 2019 ’with symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal illness.’ The time period is roughly when the virus first began circulating in Wuhan.

Daniel 3 weeks

Hahahahahah so trump was right about this also??? It did come from a lab??? Democrats gunna be so mad😂😂😂😂 If you are a dumb democrat please comment below how mad you are that trump was right it was a lab leak😂😂 still no evidence 🧐

Daniel 3 weeks

If you are a dumb democrat please comment below how mad you are that trump was right it was a lab leak😂😂 still no evidence ???🧐

Pryotra 3 weeks

Those who have paid attention have now been clocked as being a year and a half ahead of the average id!ot, bare minimum. If you simply believe or disbelieve something based off of the words of any single individual, you may now proudly call yourself a part of that "average".

92cooks 3 weeks

As a Democrat who never dismissed the lab theory, y'all over here saying "where are the democrats" is funny. Y'all are the same as Democrats who think all Republicans think the same

Daniel 3 weeks

Where all the liberals at???? Y’all admit y’all were wrong ??? Doubt it 😂 do the you tube channels who reported this story and got their account removed last year deserve their accounts back now that it turns out lab leak hypothesis is most likely true??? Hahahaha

Endaro 3 weeks

That is consistent with the remarks of the former CDC head….. and probably why the former president was screaming about it being a lab leak. Sad that TDS blinded half the country from pursuing the truth of the matter and allowed bad actors to hide and deflect their role in this. One might be embarrassed by their gullibility around this topic to take a bunch of scientists word on the matter when the incurious press failed to see their conflicts of interest.

Max 3 weeks

For that one guy Daniel who's left like 3 comments: If it came out of a lab, that's terrible. We should continue to investigate. But to be clear, there isn't definitive evidence yet my guy. Stop spamming for the sake of spamming lmao it's not funny just childish

Dewey 3 weeks

It is simply amazing how swiftly conservative voices like President Trump, Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, and many conservative politicians are now being vindicated regarding previous comments on everything Covid. The red states outperformed the blue states by leaps and bounds in this crisis, the red states never had mask mandates yeah despite this New York and California with the police state Lockdowns lead the nation in per capita infections and deaths… The failure and disaster at the 21st-century Democrats are is now unfolding itself and ugly leftist monsters rears its head Stand up, say what you believe, fight leftists, fight authoritarians, fight the Democrats, believe in your liberty and your God-given right of free speech

jay 3 weeks

Dems just exploited another calamity. They are experts in that regard. Don't you just hate being manipulated by them and the media?

Jeff 3 weeks

Oh, is it okay to blame China again for the fucking virus they infected the world with, again? Fuck China.

michael 3 weeks

Doesn't change the fact that America made masks into a political debate instead of a scientific one. It doesn't change the fact that America was disastrously unable to adapt to the factual reality of how viruses spread.

Stefnir 3 weeks

I'll wait for more concussive evidence before I say it was for sure from a lab. But this does cast more suspicion on the matter.

frankie 3 weeks

For some reason I felt like I Contracted COVID-19 in December 2019. Before it even became a world pandemic... I was very sick for a few days like something i never felt before. Then I contracted covid-19 mid June of 2020 during the pandemic and all I had was no smell no taste for 10 days. But whatever I had in 2019 of December I don't wish that on anybody...

Repent 3 weeks

And this means what? People have still died from covid. We already knew it originated from china how is this worth noting?

Birdman 3 weeks

Caaaallm down there Jethro (@Daniel)- I’m sure you’ll get all the loving responses you want soon enough! All in three posts, too! We all knew at this point it wasn’t a natural spillover event, so what are you so ferverant about? Accidents happen, and working in a virology lab can absolutely mean that if proper procedures aren’t involved, contamination can happen.

jon 3 weeks

A major virology lab exists in the city where there's was an outbreak of a global pandemic and a country with s#!tty safety standards and zero respect for human life? And these things are related to one another? Say whaaaat??

edwin 3 weeks

Eh, this is old news. And I mean well over a year old.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 3 weeks

The fact that Fauci is suddenly saying, over a year later, that he’s not convinced it was a naturally occurring virus and they’re even saying this now when anyone whose head was screwed on straight, saw plenty of reason to doubt the infected bat meal narrative from the start, should tell you that this is yet another distraction… one more shiny object to draw your attention from something else.

dan 3 weeks

ya 4chan was reporting that 14-15 months ago the media at first was 3-4 months behind reporting on this virus now they're just useless, 1 of the guys had to quarantine for 14 days, returned and was still sick.

GT... 3 weeks

Maybe they have to explain why the study documented those antibodies in the 2019 blood donations in US... it's still weak tho...

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