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China forces birth control on Muslim Uighurs to suppress population

China forces birth control on Muslim Uighurs to suppress population

It has been revealed that the Chinese govt enforces birth control on Uighurs and other minorities in order to curb the Muslim population. This information is according to an Associated Press investigation based on govt statistics, state documents and interviews with 30 ex-detainees, as well as a former detention camp instructor.

Rose 5 months

I apologize in advance for my rant. I am distraught by how horrible humans are to each other. They take any difference between people, and decide to hate over something people can’t help at birth. Skin color is one such a minor thing, as is religeon. What I’m trying to say is, your environmental specifics are the reason for your hate. Your parents, a minister, a bully at school, a bully at work, a political agenda... everything EXCEPT skin color. Skin color specifically was determined by how sunny the climate was in the very beginning. It makes no difference in anything else. What DOES manipulate humans is things like religeon (who tells you who you should hate), governments (who tell you who to hate), and parents (who sometimes tell you who to hate). And hate itself is addictive. There are people who don’t know what to do if they don’t hate anymore. I dated someone like that, whose hatred was dismantled by the person he hated, and he was at a loss of what to do. My guess is that he probably found something else to obsessively hate. I couldn’t be around him because of his hate, so I don’t know what happened to him. If you hate, you aren’t developing the good parts of you, you are too busy with negative emotions. My stepfather was like that, he hated multitudes of people and we couldn’t watch TV because of it.

J. P.
J. P. 5 months

I hate China as much as the next guy, just for other reasons, but in a world where the collective bears the ultimate responsibility for raising everyone’s progeny shouldn’t the nation, at a certain point (say beyond replacement level) have a say whose genes get to make up the future of humans? Unless we ultimately want idiocracy then unconstrained reproduction just can’t go on forever (and the ethic majority that leads a nation to the improved living standards that eventually lower birth rates shouldn’t as a result thereof drop in percent of the population, so it’s gotta apply to everyone.) My understanding is that these laws are already imposed on the ethic majority Chinese as well, so what’s the problem? Why should China enforce only their own ethic majority to 2 a kid policy while allowing themselves to be replaced by an unconstrained ethic subpopulation? The law should apply equally to everyone, and I think this one, with few exceptions, already does.

RainMarvel 5 months

Kinda Not informed properly. Muslims were not under 2 child policy like other Chinese citizens were. Now china is just bringing them under 2 child policy. I don't see any wrong. In a country getting crushed by its own population its a sensible choice. Seriously Puting muslim under the same law as regular citizens is now a crime in front of the word.

A Forgiven Sage
A Forgiven Sage 5 months

For these leftist authoritarian types, it was never about reproductive rights. This is their goal; to enforce mandatory birth control of religious minorities and other people who are deemed problematic in these societies. I guarantee that in 15-20 years, we'll hear arguments for mandatory birth control here in the US.

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