China approves COVID-19 vaccine for military use

China approves COVID-19 vaccine for military use

The Chinese army has received the green light to use a COVID-19 vaccine developed by its research unit and a biotech company. The Central Military Commission approved the use of the Ad5-nCoV vaccine candidate for a period of one year. It was developed jointly by CanSino and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

Dominic 3 days

China has a history of flawed vaccines. They are merely trying to rapidly find a cure to make themselves less negatively viewed if they actually manage it. Sadly they wont. They tend to release these tyoes5of vaccines on the people of China who in turn get very sick

Fin 4 days

So it's military becomes the lab rats for this n in doing so we won't know much about side effects n failures...

Ryan 4 days

I wonder if it'll work

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