Head of WHO is concerned about the spread of COVID-19

Head of WHO is concerned about the spread of COVID-19

The head of the WHO is concerned about the current spread of the virus causing COVID-19 and went so far as to criticize countries who have failed to actively implement effective contact tracing. He states that the current lack of unity and willingness of individuals to practice safe habits is a worst case scenario for the spread of the virus.

Jeremy 4 days

Considering how accurate the WHO has been so far, this means it is, in fact, almost over.

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 4 days

After the study that found evidence of Coronavirus as early as March 2019 in Spain I have lost what little respect I may have had for the whole pandemic bs. If it wasn't a worldwide emergency last year it shouldn't be this year either.

Andrew 4 days

Looking forward to continuing to hear all you guys in the comments saying it’s a hoax. Just like before the numbers reached 1000 just like after they each 1000000 and again when it carries over to the new year. All because people refuse to wear masks and social distance because....? My freedums I guess

Sherlock 3 days

WHO helped china spread the virus, why are they surprised now?

Brian 4 days

Pitty the WHO gave it such a head start.

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 4 days

Ah all clear then chaps Time to go orgy at a festival

Maesterfully 3 days

Oh so NOW you're worried? Useless arrogant prat

Judi Em
Judi Em 3 days

WHO can shut up. We already got a good dose of their ineptitude.

Arthur 3 days

I'm worried that an affirmed marxists with no medical knowledge is leading the w.h.o. and you sould be also!

Ben 3 days

"Current lack of unity and willingness of individuals..." what? First day on planet earth?

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