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YouTube bans several white supremacists channels

YouTube bans several white supremacists channels

YouTube has banned several prominent white supremacist channels. The banned channels include American Renaissance, Spencer’s National Policy Institute and that of Stefan Molyneux. YouTube added that ’after updating our guidelines to better address supremacist content’, the platform has terminated over 25,000 channels for violating hate speech policies.

Thomas 3 months

It's like they are ironically following 1984 dystopian type procedures.....Except none of it is irony

Ross 3 months

How is Stephan on the same list? He discusses philosophy and helps a lot of people. Digital book burning will make YouTube irrelevant in the end.

skrappjaw 3 months

Get YouTube-dl and start archiving anything you wanna keep. If you can't hear what a real white Supremecist believes you'll newer know for sure. Just what "they" want you to believe. More speech is the cure. Not less.

Jane 3 months

Doesn’t matter if support those voices or not in my opinion; wont find me defending Spencer or Duke but my belief is you fight “bad” speech with “better” speech as a first amendment absolutist personally. Who they target next is an important question I think we should be asking ourselves.

Maesterfully 3 months

I can't believe they deleted American Renaissance. Jared Taylor speaks the truth and they just couldn't handle it, pathetic leftist censorship.

Miguel 3 months

Good riddance, go on and cry snowflakes.

tenoclock 3 months

"white supremacist"

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 3 months

More fuel towards the second civil war!

Austin Cherry
Austin Cherry 3 months

I thought they did this a long time ago.

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