Arizona becomes latest state to roll back reopening plans

Arizona becomes latest state to roll back reopening plans

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has ordered the closure of bars, gyms, movie theaters, nightclubs and water parks across the state for 30 days, citing a recent spike in new cases – including a one-day record of more than 3,800 on Sunday. The move echoes similar efforts by states like Florida and Texas to roll back plans for reopening as the whole US Sun Belt region becomes a new virus epicentre.

Tom A
Tom A
Richard 6 days

People are going to cry foul, but they literally don’t understand wtf is going on. From my understanding, the first lockdown was to aggressively prepare while slowing the spread - a time to clear out hospital beds, and to give businesses time to form policies and put infrastructure in place to make reopening safer. Businesses have trained employees, they’ve added equipment like plexiglass, they’ve added procedures for cleaning equipment and distancing people. The issue is that the moment stuff started to open back up people wanted everything to return to normal, so they didn’t change their behavior at all. Because of this, they have demonstrated that trusting them is a danger to the health of people in the community. Now they have to be locked down again because people have proven we can’t be responsible adults.

Matthew 6 days

Why are states doing this? The media is reporting a spike in cases because the number of deaths has actually gotten lower (yes I know deaths lag but if you look at the timing of the first round deaths should have spiked already). Likewise the reporting on hospitalizations has been exaggerated. For example, in Texas several localized regions have reported their ICUs are operating at 95 percent capacity. Those reports do not mention that last year at this time they were operating at 97 percent capacity. Furthermore, the average age of someone getting Covid this time around is much lower than it was during the first wave (below 35). This is the group that litterally has better outcomes from Covid than from the Flu. Finally, although the positivity rate is up from the low, it is still much lower than the highs. This means that the majority of this spike can be explained by an increase in testing. Stop panicking.

ben 6 days

As always, Ducey is behind the curve once again...

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