St. Louis couple points guns at protesters near mayor’s home

St. Louis couple points guns at protesters near mayor’s home

A couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation. A clip showed the armed couple standing outside of their home Sunday evening in the Central West End neighborhood of the Missouri city. On Friday in a live briefing, Mayor Lyda Krewson read the names and addresses of residents who suggested she defund the police department.

Rocky 1 weeks

And wouldn't you know it their property and lives are intact. It's almost like the 2nd amendment means something and produces results.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 weeks

Can you blame them? Protesters and rioters literally fire bombed some homes and lots of businesses since this all began. Just defending you home. Now if they fired into them or threatened them, then I would say this is an issue. Not to mention they entered private property/ gates community.

Larry 1 weeks

What? People don't have a right to protect their property and ultimately their lives? I assure rioters I won't aim without intent to fire. and I'm not the only one in my house with firearms that'll be out there

Rose 1 weeks

Oh poor scared rich people, threatening protesters walking by who are not armed. Is it “Mr and Mrs Karen?”

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