China passes controversial Hong Kong security law

China passes controversial Hong Kong security law

Beijing has passed a sweeping national security law for Hong Kong that critics fear could override existing legal processes and further erode the city’s civil and political freedoms. The National People’s Congress, reportedly, passed the law unanimously on Tuesday morning. State media is expected to publish details of the law – criminalizing secession, subversion, terrorism – later on Tuesday.

Tom A
Tom A
ZBL64 2 days

Freedom has been dealt another blow by Communism. We need to be prudent to not let the dominos fall further.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 2 days

All Lives Matter. Where are all those groups who are against Racism? I guess for them Genocide is more tolerable than Racism. Save the Uighurs, Free HongKong.

Buhari 2 days

It seems as if whenever the US is distracted by petty, easily solvable conflicts, China always makes a move. This administration failed Hong Kong

Unity.Nat 2 days

Any news agency who says this bill is controversial is a communist sympathizer

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