TX prosecutor resigns over FB post appearing to compare Antifa/BLM with Nazis

TX prosecutor resigns over FB post appearing to compare Antifa/BLM with Nazis

Kaylynn Williford, who works for Harris County Assistant District Attorney, resigned after criticism over a post she shared on Facebook. The post she shared was criticized for appearing to equate violent Antifa/BLM protests with the rise of The Nazi Party.

O'Brien 2 days

I guess hounding all the principled people out of law enforcement and our legal institutions and leaving only compliant knee-benders is part of the big plan. If you’ve ever seen a seemingly perfect load-bearing timber collapse and bring a building down after been eaten out internally by termites you’ll appreciate what a problem this is.

Rose 2 days

I'm not a Nazi because I want everyone to have healthcare, all kids to be taught equally, everyone to have food on the table, and a roof over their heads. I'm not a Nazi because I believe in 401Ks, school lunches, pensions, and universal income. What I AM is: a 70 year old who wants to give everyone the same leg up to life.

Levita 2 days

Listen, I don’t need to compare. Just remove all the laws/ bills that u corrupted Europeans snook in that gives one group of people the rights to control steal and abuse everyone else. Let’s go back to beginning when the immigrants, who were Italians, Irish, Chinese etc came here with their guns and bombs and killed and took away the land of the occupants who were the Indians. They are the true and original citizens of these United States. So when u immigrants who are really Europeans, still want to steal people rights to this date. That’s what happens. U have been bullying the other citizens of the country for so long u really think u are right to do hateful and cruel actions.

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