UK gives provisional approval for use of dockless scooters

UK gives provisional approval for use of dockless scooters

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Transport announced Tuesday, it is to begin allowing dockless electric scooter to operate throughout the country. E-scooter rental companies and individuals will be allowed to legally operate/ride on roadways by August. Initially the new regulations - effective July 4 - will be implemented as a testing period to identify the pro’s and con’s of their use.


Terrible decision

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie Yesterday

Adelaide in SA has them, I get that it's not as dense but it was really good. We never called for a taxi cause you just jumped on the scooter and you would be at your destination before a taxi would even arrive to pick you up. But I do think density will be an issue for street traffic, in regards to road traffic it would significantly reduce vehicles on the road cause you just don't need them.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son Yesterday

All this is going to do is result in crowded streets. More traffic. More pollution.

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