Republicans urge action after Russia-Afghanistan bounty briefing

Republicans urge action after Russia-Afghanistan bounty briefing

Republican lawmakers urged the administration Tuesday to act swiftly to hold Russia accountable of its action if the reports that Moscow secretly offered bounties to Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan are verified. The remarks were made by a group of Republican lawmakers who attended the White House briefing on the allegations. The reports are being reviewed for accuracy.

Clara 5 days

Whatever happens, silence and scrambling around can't be the only American response to this.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 5 days

And Moscow Mitch still stands with this imbecil of a president. Sure tells you something about Moscow Mitch and how much he truly doesn't care about the citizens of this Country.

IvoryDove 6 days

The CIA isn't prohibited from having agents who work for the New York Times, MSNBC, etc. It's reasonable to expect that they've got people embedded throughout the government and corporate America... Oh wait.. Global corporations.

Politicians are Hacks
Politicians are Hacks 5 days

I mean, all through this war in the middle east bounties have been put on US military heads. They must not have read American Sniper.

riheg 5 days

They lied about Iraq, Libya, Syria and on and on. Now suddenly we’re supposed to take their word for it, that the Taliban needs any motivation amd especially from their Russian arch enemies? Besides the west created and funded Al Qaeda and Taliban for many years while the russians tried to contain the threat of kikitant islam on their border.

John W
John W 3 days

You guys know this bogus brief is because he was pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Are you pro war?

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 6 days

As it was said before and said again, the reports were not found to be credible.

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