McEnany says Trump is ’most informed person on planet Earth’ about threats to US

McEnany says Trump is ’most informed person on planet Earth’ about threats to US

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed Tuesday that Trump was the most informed person in the world about the threats to the US after she was asked why the president doesn’t read his daily brief, after reports Russia was paying Taliban militants to kill US soldiers was included in one of them. Trump has insisted he had no prior knowledge of the matter.

The Yesterday

Hello people he gets briefings every day. As does every tom, dick and Harry who sit in the Whitehouse. Don't be idiots.

filthynice 88
filthynice 88 Yesterday

Wtf did i just read? It was the article headline and then a buch of twitter posts .. Ok so being lazy is one thing but ..That's stoopid lazy

Arrow Yesterday

ThThe "most informed" part is probably unironically true. As president, information would be thrown at him left and right constantly. His average day is likely loaded with the same absolute information overload that turned Obama grey after just his first 4 years. You have news on foreign relations with basically every country, updates on the pandemic, updates on the nefarious doings of congress, bills to sign, 1600-page omnibus disasters to read through, and of course the never-ending news cycles linking his breakfast cereals to some kind of "ism". With info-loading like that, he has no choice but to be the most informed human alive.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter Yesterday

Trump is not brave enough to admit he got the briefing or doesn't read them. Maybe he just doesn't know how to read. Probably the latest show of Fox and Friends is coming on, so he said he didn't have time. There isn't anyone who has ever worked in the White House that said something like this information wouldn't have been part of the President's Daily Briefing (PDB). That would be even if it wasn't fully confirmed. He's not a fan of these intelligence briefings, and often doesn't pay much attention to them. Guess we have to remember he has the attention span of a fruit fly, and an IQ of less than a worm. Therefore, even if he could read he probably wouldn't understand what he was reading.

porcus Yesterday

Well it DEFINITELY is not Joe Biden

Fin Yesterday

Well which is it... Didn't know or super informed...she spins more than regans head in the exorcist....... Frankly between golf tweeting n rallying n flox news watching am sure he is too tired to read his brief book later... Or did he sharpie thru that part as a presidential right to redact


I got deleted for pointing out motherjones is biased (originally the only link when I posted) and dont read Chris's articles and newsvoice is pushing fake news. DELETING MY COMMENT IS MORE LIES NEWSVOICE=FAKE NEWS

MakeNewsVoice GreatAgain
MakeNewsVoice GreatAgain Yesterday

He’s the POTUS he’d wanna be.

Holley 20 hours

Trump is the most informed person in the world on threats to the United States. Only, Because he is the greatest threat to the United States! WAKE UP!

frango 23 hours

Dollar general Barbie only has one trick:. LIE.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty Yesterday

Well, he is the president, so I would assume so

Shaun Yesterday

I just want to say I totally disagree with her!

Jon Yesterday

There are two options. He needs to fire whoever didn't inform him or he needs to admit he knew about it. That's it.

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