Australia seeks long-range missiles in defense shift

Australia seeks long-range missiles in defense shift

Australia announced a new defense strategy on Wednesday, beefing up its long-range strike capabilities and cyber-warfare efforts. This comes amid escalating tensions with China. PM Scott Morrison earmarked A$270 billion for new and upgraded defense capabilities over the next decade, a near 40% increase. Australia’s government has committed to spending at least 2% of GDP on defense.

O'Brien 2 months

Has to happen. We already have excellent long range warning radar systems to our north. The growing regional threat can’t be ignored.

Bob Of Cheesecake
Bob Of Cheesecake 2 months

2% gdp? Those are rookie numbers. You got get those numbers up.


Ramp up the navy and make accords with Philippines and India vietnam thailand taiwan and japan!

yee haw
yee haw 2 months

good to hear

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