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72% of Democratic voters say it’s ’important’ Biden VP pick be woman of color

72% of Democratic voters say it’s ’important’ Biden VP pick be woman of color

A USA Today/Suffolk poll shows that nearly 3/4th of Democratic voters surveyed say that Joe Biden should pick a woman of color as his running mate in November. 72% of the 345 Democrats polled said that it was ’somewhat’ or ’very important’ that Biden choose a woman of color. The main candidates are believed to be Sen. Harris, Stacey Abrams, Sen. Warren, Mayor Bottoms, Susan Rice and Gov. Whitmer.

R0411 5 months

Don't worry about qualifactions or anything like that.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 5 months

What does ones race and gender have to do with their ability of being a Vice President? Shouldn’t the most qualified person get that position?

Sandra 5 months

The simple reason as to why he is more keen on having a Woman of Color is because by doing so, it will tell the larger populace that people from other races are just as competent in handling top positions in the country as whites are. That being said, it is not as if he is going to pick *any* Tom, Dick, or Harry as his VP. The woman will *obviously* be competent, as there is a proper vetting process which has been put in place.

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