Mitch McConnell takes a swipe at the Democrats

Mitch McConnell takes a swipe at the Democrats

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader hit out against the Democrats on Thursday, and accused them of wanting to ’vandalize the rules to pass legislation with a simple majority.’ Mr. McConnell made these comments amid renewed talks around the Democrats wanting to reportedly nix the legislative filibuster in case they win the majority in November.

Holley 0 months

Mitch ,Trumps Bitch, McConnell ,an exact example of why there should be term limits. WAKE UP!

Fin 0 months

Moscow mitch will do anything to protect comrade trump... Play any card to conceal the corrupt attempt to usurp their constitutional oaths and work outside the frame of the constitution... That's the maga charter way.. Oath to a man screw the other pesky constitutional oath... Vote him out in into retirement...

Charles 0 months

The Conservative party has used the deceptive filibuster rule to block legislation for years now. Time to either return to what Jimmy Stewart did in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”... truly filibuster. Not secretly putting a word in Mitch’s ear to kill any legislation with just the threat of filibuster. He’s used that process to block Congress from doing its job while he collect kickbacks and brags of his whim-driven personal power play.

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