stuart anderson
stuart anderson 0 months

8 years of a 1000 yr sentence? For what? Not reoffending while incarcerated? I hope this doesnt set a new precedent.. if I did my maths correct (I may not have) that boils down to roughly 1/2 hour of jail time served for every day he was sentenced.. if "good behavior " can get you out that fast, we are all in trouble. A 15 yr sentence would be peanuts.. Jail would be more of a time out or drunk tank situation. God help us. Our "leaders" are trying to sink the ship

porcus 0 months

This is sickening.

Fin 0 months

Ever easy to sex traffic children when scumbags like him do the advertising..... If u think it's an innocent crime it ain't.. God willing that kid grows up surviving n almost yet always knowing out there someplace is a criminally taken photo of her or him in hands of a twisted pos... That crap is always there in victims head n heart.... The vics should sue the parole board for that crap... His kind trade kiddie porn n covet kiddie porn like baseball cards..n artwork...

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 0 months

Excuse me what the fuck?

Will Miller
Will Miller 0 months


WJ MacKENZIE 0 months

That should have been a big fat NOPE even before the sicko finished asking for release.

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