Miami-Dade police officer relieved of duty after punching woman in the face

Miami-Dade police officer relieved of duty after punching woman in the face

A Miami-Dade County police officer has been relieved of duty on Wednesday after a video showed the officer striking a woman in the face during an argument earlier in the day at Miami International Airport. ’You acting like you white’, the black woman said to the Latino officer prior to being struck. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez called the incident ’appalling’.

porcus 1 months

Law enforcement should never lay hands on citizens unless they are defending themselves from an attack, or they are arresting the person. Full stop. In this situation the officer was obviously angered by the b1tchy woman getting in his face and showing aggressive disrespect. He should have ordered her to stand back, and if she did not then he could have arrested her. Without ever having to punch her.

intherough 1 months

Anyone ever see Bill Burr's bit about hitting women? He says you should never ever hit a woman. Not that there aren't reasons And I am absolutely not for anyone hitting men, either. FYI. I seriously don't like to see things get amped up this much. Between the pandemic and protests, people are just angry and jumpy.

Fin 1 months

Could care less if the officer was purple... N vic was a total butt head n resisting... U don't punch. Unless it is the final fight for ur life n ur overpowered... That's just roid roach behavior using a badge to pull it off.... Now put his certification up for review n terminate it ifs a pattern if behavior so he can't go tramp n hobo into another dept any where in usa... U just don't get it that a slimey culture exits in pds creating a harder job for officers to do their sworn duty... It takes just one malcontent flying under the accountability radar to destroy the unique trust that you have to build in the community to do the public safety job... Roid roaches are destroying professional dedicated law enforcement officers... N communities... That destruction allows gang activity to over run communities...rven in small town American.. Playing at being a warrior n hero complexes isn't what public safety is about.. Do it right n the reward is deeper than making ur bones and being the feared as u think u are untouchable... Policing is an art.. Not just an entitlement cause you got some online criminal justice degree n yet no idea how physical n mental the job is... N it's not a cop show or video game u think trains you.. The art is fluid n requires daily prep n training to over come the obstacles that destroy your mental n physical abilities on a call.. Every call is unique.. N your foundations n ethics are tested every moment on any call.... Thus you gotta build ethical muscle memory n be in good great shape... N it's not for everyone n it's not warrior mentality that makes it work

WJ MacKENZIE 1 months

"You black, you acting like you white" Officer Handy was hispanic.... wut?

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