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Deaths in US due to COVID-19 could be 28% higher than official figures: Study

Deaths in US due to COVID-19 could be 28% higher than official figures: Study

As per a new research, the official number of deaths caused due to the novel coronavirus in the United States could be a figure of dispute, with the actual number being approximately 28 percent higher. Currently, nearly 2.7 million people have got the infection in the country, and the virus has claimed 129,000 lives, too.

Tom A
Tom A
atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

That dailymail article is a real piece of shit. Looking at excess deaths is a good way to put c-19 deaths in perspective to all other deaths. However to say a higher excess death count *might* mean there are underreported c-19 deaths with zero detail or analysis of the actual data is pure fearmongering.

kathryn 5 months

it also may be inflated because of what criteria is necessary for a death to count as a coronavirus death.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 5 months

After your double standard BS with the rioter who really cares? If someone wants to go out and loot and riot your a peacful protesters doing nothing wrong. If you're an American auctually participating in a peaceful protest to fight against goverment tyranny and lockdowns suddenly you're killing Grandma. Cry me a river.

Rich 5 months

Or it could be 65% lower, depending on whether you are watching left wing propaganda or not.

MrWizard 5 months

It could also be lower.

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