Delaware removes last whipping post in state

Delaware removes last whipping post in state

A whipping post measuring 8 feet in height was removed on Wednesday from a county courthouse square in Delaware. Activists have alleged that the whipping post was a reminder of racial discrimination. The post was used till 1952 to punish alleged criminals, who were tied to the post and whipped.

Tom A
Tom A
A user you may know
A user you may know 0 months

Offense and outrage is formed in one's mind. Any single person can walk past that knowing they will never be on it. To protest it is to create an outrage and to get attention for being a victim even though not a single person in the crowd was a victim of a whipping post. Same thing goes for statues. Protestors need to grow the f*** up. Attention starved children in adult bodies crying victim about everything

Seekster 0 months

I mean it is sort of neat to have that in its original location but I also kinda get why people would want it taken down. Maybe put it in a museum but it might not be worth it.

Skeptic 0 months

This seems like it is worth keeping to remember past with an appropriate plaque to give history. Similar for slave auction sites.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 0 months

I'm trying to remember which president wanted to bring back whippings... for bad husbandry. His argument was if you incarcerate a man, then they can't provide income for the family. But a man who is whipped can go back to work as soon as their wounds patch up.

intherough 0 months

My dad told us all the time growing up that if they would have kept these in operation, we would have way less crime. I was always mortified. Dear ole dad.

Douggie 0 months

How is it that we still have these at all? OMG I am shocked & saddened.

Mutatis 0 months

Unless they were still publicly whipping people in Delaware, this comes off incredibly inane.

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