Global electronic waste levels hit a new high in 2019

Global electronic waste levels hit a new high in 2019

According to a new UN report, the world dumped a record 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste last year. Of this, only 17.4% was recycled, meaning material valued at $57 billion was mostly dumped or burned rather than recycling. China (10.1MT) was the biggest contributor to e-waste, followed by the US (6.9MT) and India (3.2MT). The report predicts that global e-waste will reach 74MT by 2030.

sergio.O 0 months

This is one of the reasons, apple offer "trade in" programs and such ;). In some cases it's now cheaper to retrieve it than to mine it.. they even invested in a robot that can automatically dismantle a large selection of models

David Webb
David Webb 0 months

Just think of all the old network cable and usb cable and HDMI cables we will be left with in 20 years.

Doug 0 months

Not enough companies use Design-for-the-Environment (DFE) and cradle-to-cradle principles. Right-to-Repair movement pushing for more user-repairable devices. (Writing this on one of last popular phones w/user-replaceable battery, LG G5; batteries $10-15 vs iPhone $50-70 shop surgery.)

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