Black worker files discrimination complaint against Facebook

Black worker files discrimination complaint against Facebook

A Black Facebook employee, joined by two others who were denied jobs at the social network, have filed a class action employment discrimination charge against Facebook, saying it discriminates against Black workers and applicants in hiring, evaluations, promotions and pay. Black workers account for 3.8% of all US Facebook employees and 1.5% of all US technical workers at the company.

IvoryDove 1 months

As an electrical engineer, I tutored inner city kids and told them "get a degree and you will be making a ton of money on no time!" I've worked for multiple tech companies and most would kill for a black engineer. The problem is education. You have to get good grades consistently and get through a 4 year program in engineering, computer science, or a technical program. In my 4 years of college, I think there might have been 2 or 3 black guys in my classes. It's a cultural problem. They've been taught from a young age that technical jobs, math and science aren't "cool". It's sad, because today's black culture promotes drugs, misogyny and crime over education and achievement.

Sergio 1 months

Once again the main issue is not police violence nor Trump, but the lack of community leadership not working on the painful solutions. Throwing money at the problem only prolongs the agony for everyone. Every messed up community is lead by Democrats and we all need to provide methods that have proven to work by real Heroes who have gone into the inner cities and worked with troubled places and improved schools and taught self respect and not demanded things not earned

Mutatis 1 months

I have serious doubts about the merits of this lawsuit. That being said, I do find it humorous that one of the big Silicon Valley wokescold companies is being accused of racial discrimination.

The 1 months

And ..... Here we go. Why can't it be if you are qualified then you get the job. But nooo gotta overflow the quota.

David 1 months

I remember looking for a job in the late 80's. Employment ads in the classifieds said women and minorities encouraged to apply. Being white, I was told many times times that they would not even consider me.

Mamskev 1 months

I’m a black millennial and seems like every topic on race where there could be ground for justice to blacks ...gets lots of negative comments here. This resistance (assuming coming from old men/women reluctant to change ) explains in part why there are race riots every 20yrs. In face of change, you can either adapt or resist and become obsolete and It’s clear gen y and z are about to take charge now..Fortune 500 CEOs across the country are making moves to address diversity and discrimination. It is also clear FB has a diversity problem, I knew it when I left university because I consciously choose Finance over tech. Guess is these 3 brothers will succeed

Roadhog 1 months

This is the kind of thing that happens to pretty much every woke company.

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