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Abortion law signed amid court challenge by Iowa Governor

Abortion law signed amid court challenge by Iowa Governor

Kim Reynolds, the Governor of Iowa signed into law a bill on Monday according to which women will have to wait for 24 hours before getting an abortion. The Republican Governor said that she was ’proud to stand up for the sanctity of every human life’, and also congratulated Iowa lawmakers who took action to ’protect the unborn child’.

Tom A
Tom A
Seekster 3 months

You will keep seeing these Bill's until abortion on demand is no more.

porcus 3 months

Roberts needs to go. Ginsburg needs replaced with a non-Leftist. This 🐂💩 needs to be stopped.

RedTsunami2020 3 months

Ideally, abortion shouldn't be allowed at all! Practice birth control instead. Com'n, be responsible! But if it's going to continue, ANY abortion must happen before there's a heartbeat! There is no valid reason for a woman to wait any longer.

frango 3 months

What about COVID victims? Now? Ah right, this is actually not about "life" (as defined by a politician) it's about keeping women in their place.

Joe 3 months

If you're pro-life, than you're also pro-mask. After all, it's saving and repeating lives, right? But if you're anti-mask, because it's your CHOICE, then why isn't abortion a CHOICE as well? Oh, because every conservative anti-masker in the country is actually a huge hypocrite. You can't be for freedom and harp on about your rights, and then turn around and deny someone else their rights. Safe, legal abortions are a good thing for families, for society, and for the economy. If you're pro "strong families" and a fiscal conservative, then it only makes sense to also be pro-choice. But all conservatives like to do is pick and choose their issues however it suits then. You're not pro-life. You're anti-woman.

Charles 3 months

Pathetic oppression. Classic conservative tactic. Don’t go all righteous. You are behaving like those who we fought on WWII. You know, the ones who decided 10 million needed to die for correctness.

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