BLM leaders’ ties to Marxist ideology and Nicolás Maduro from 2015 resurface

BLM leaders’ ties to Marxist ideology and Nicolás Maduro from 2015 resurface

BLM leaders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi have long established connections with Venezuelan Marxists. In a revealing 2015 interview, Cullors said, ’Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.’ That same year, Tometi was hobnobbing with Venezuela’s Marxist dictator Nicolás Maduro, of whose regime she was highly complimentary.

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Marxism is incompatible with the American system. These people want to destroy our system and replace it with socialism.

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I’ll just put this here too. BLM is Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Inc. It consist of Intersectional Feminist, “trained Marxist” and founders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi. “The project is now a member-led global network of more than 40 chapters” - “Black Lives Matter is an ideological and political intervention in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.” BLM was started because a “white passing person” Hispanic by the name of George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. Patrisse Khan-Cullors wrote: “I didn’t want George Zimmerman to be the period to the story. I didn’t want his name to be the name held up over and over again by the media, by his fellow white supremacists.” Interesting endorsements/backing they have. Jonathan Kozol and Bill Ayers among others. Kozol wrote "Children of the Revolution: A Yankee Teacher in the Cuban Schools" it's a book about how the United States should emulate the "great success" that is Communist Cuba's education system. Ayers is the former leader of the terrorist group the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that sought to "overthrow imperialism". They conducted bombings throughout the United States while active. This is the 2020 Curriculum for Black Live Matter in schools: The founders of BLM personal inspiration is Assata Shakur, real name Joanne Deborah Chesimard, former member of the Black Liberation Army a Black Power group. She's on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list. She now lives in Cuba where she was granted asylum. Looking through their literature it's plain to see that BLM is steeped in Intersectionality/Marxism/Critical Race Theory/Communism. It's about dismantling Western ideals. It's about dismantling Capitalism or as they called it until recently on their website “the white Christian Capitalist system” which they seemingly replaced with “White Supremacy”. It's about dismantling the "nuclear family". It's about dismantling individualism. It about dismantling language by redefining words. It's about Indoctrination. It's pro-globalism (don't ask me how they square that hole) and pro-Intersectional feminism. It's the oddest thing. 3 Self described "Queer Woman of Color" based their beliefs on many ideas of old white communist and yet they somehow manage to convince so many people around the world to support them uncritically.

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