Dozens of apps suspected of spying on iPhone users

Dozens of apps suspected of spying on iPhone users

Researchers have uncovered 53 apps, including the popular TikTok, that appear to spy on iPhone users. The suspect apps can access the user’s clipboard contents, exposing any information that the user has copied or cut while using other apps or the system itself.

Nigel 1 months

The newer generations don’t care that much about being spied on. We know this but still use it everyday.

habla 0 months

First link seems to be unrelated. This goes against the main idea of this app.

sergio.O 0 months

Tiktok have a keylogger embedded...and the CEO of the parent company (bytedance ) has apologized in 2018 for being not enough on the side of the ccp : "At one point, Zhang confesses that the “deep-level causes” of the problems at Toutiao included “a weak [understanding and implementation of] the “four consciousnesses”. This is a unique Xi Jinping buzzword, introduced in January 2016, that refers to 1) “political consciousness” (政治意识), namely primary consideration of political priorities when addressing issues 2) consciousness of the overall situation (大局意识), or of the overarching priorities of the Party and government, 3) “core consciousness” (核心意识), meaning to follow and protect Xi Jinping as the leadership “core,” and 4) “integrity consciousness” (看齐意识), referring to the need to fall in line with the Party. Next, Zhang mentions the service’s failure to respect “socialist core values,” and its “deviation from public opinion guidance” — this latter term being a Party buzzword (dating back to the 1989 crackdown on the Tiananmen Square protests) synonymous with information and press controls as a means of maintaining Party dominance." So yeah tiktok will always be a tool of the ccp !

SickOfTribalisem 1 months

U don't say........ i'm sooooo shocked a chinese app spies....

Jack 0 months

Does this include bank app data?

Wholly 0 months

Only dozens? Counting like COVID deaths I see....



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