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Nine US states have vaccinated at least 70% of adults as COVID-19 deaths drop

Nine US states have vaccinated at least 70% of adults as COVID-19 deaths drop

Nine states now have 70% of adult residents with at least one vaccine shot as nationwide COVID cases and death counts continue to fall. New Mexico became the ninth state to report that 70% of adult residents have had at least one shot, joining Vermont, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

S 3 weeks

Thank god for the Biden Administration. Trump would still have been stuck on injecting disinfectants and using uv light to fight COVID. Bwahahaha!!!

Shono 3 weeks

Actually go to and look at article "hard data shows vaccine causing increase in mortality globally". A must watch video is linked there...shows the rate per country....and every time the vaccines start, the rates of death increase to more than before pandemic

Seekster 3 weeks

Now the panic is over can we go back to normal nationwide and have a normal summer and a general return to normalcy.

Rocky 3 weeks

Funny how vaccination level and covid cases don't seem to correlate. Strange how that works.🤔

GT... 3 weeks

How so called journalists like to forget one of the science's golden rule: "correlation doesn't mean causation"...

Martin 3 weeks

With the lack of vaccines on the world, we get mutations/variants. When will they make our current vaccine protection worthless? It only helps if the whole world developes here immunity.

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