Scrabble bans racist, homophobic slurs from official list

Scrabble bans racist, homophobic slurs from official list

The North American Scrabble Players Association is removing a total of 236 bigoted words from the official Scrabble word list used at tournaments. The list includes the ’N-word’ as well as homophobic and transphobic terms including ’bumboy’, CEO John Chew said earlier in the week. However, members of the association remain split on the verdict. ’It’s just a word’, the 2015 world champion said.

Chris 0 months

This is sad. “It’s just a word. Playing it on the board doesn’t mean that the person is being offensive”, said Nigerian player Wellington Jighere, the 2015 world champion, who is currently ranked eight in the world.

J “dr love” S
J “dr love” S 0 months

If you need to resort to slang like "bumboy" in Scrabble you have bigger problems

Laughter in the Shadows
Laughter in the Shadows 0 months

Although it is "removed" There isn't a way to prevent players from using it unless you're playing online or playing in some sort of tournament. This kind of seems like it is making a bigger deal out of then then saying that those two sources won't allow those words to be used. Also just acknowledging a word exists isn't using it in an offensive manner. It is directed to anyone.

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