Black Lives Matter ’distorting’ debate, says AG Barr

Black Lives Matter ’distorting’ debate, says AG Barr

William Barr, the Attorney General of the US on Thursday accused the Black Lives Matter movement of ’distorting’ the necessary debate over the issue of systemic racism in the country. AG Barr said that he feels ’all lives – all human life is – sacred. And entitled to respect.’ He also accused the movement of concentrating only on police brutalities rather than on a range of issues.

Stephen 3 weeks

When you have open racists running BLM ( ) and whenever anyone says "All lives matter" (all includes black btw) they are publicly mocked as racist, THEN you have a case that this isn't about finding common ground. This is about revenge and supremacy.

Charles 3 weeks

BLM is not distorting the narrative. It IS the narrative. And to attempt to redirect the discussion to other topics is the diversion, not the narrative.

8 2
8 2 3 weeks

It appears every position BLM has proposed or supported would have a negative effect on the Black community. Not the least of which is the signature issue of removing police from Black communities. BLM has called for the destruction or dismantling of already under funded police departments that protect Black communities. All of the racist attacks by cops on Black folks pales in comparison to the amount of crimes and attack against Black folks that are prevented every day by cops. BLM has spent years trying to drive a wedge between the Black community and the police, encouraging folks to be belligerent and resist arrest leading to more Black most of the incidents we see on the news today. Racist cops target Black folks but BLMs message of resisting arrest always seems to be what moves the situation from simple harassment to the conflicts that lead to their deaths. This fact doesn’t excuse racist cops but BLM’s message is just as responsible.

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