Trump reveals that doctors were ’very surprised’ by his cognitive test results

Trump reveals that doctors were ’very surprised’ by his cognitive test results

President Trump revealed to Fox News’ host Sean Hannity that he aced a ’cognitive test’ he had taken at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He claimed that the doctors were ’very surprised’ with his results. ’They said, ’that’s an unbelievable thing, rarely does anybody do what you just did,’’ he added. Post his claim, he challenged presidential nominee, Joe Biden to do the same.

Danny 3 weeks

One thing we know for sure Joe Biden would never pass this test !

Jon 3 weeks

AAHAHAHAHAA 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭 One if the questions is to draw a clock and identify a camel among other animals AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Holley 3 weeks

How high were you able to stack the blocks? Did mean old Nancy keep knocking them down? Did you color between the lines. What color did you make the sky? Next, the tricky part. If you have one business, lose money on it, dad saves you, and you do it again,over and over to the tune of 400 million dollars, and you owe a lot of money to Russia and China, does that make you a good business man? Tick tick. We're waiting. WAKE UP!

Jeff 3 weeks

The Criminal in Chief can tell the difference between a Camel and a Giraffe, and chooses to brag about it. We're in great hands.

Rose 3 weeks

It’s not a good sign if doctors are surprised you passed a cognitive test. I’m 70, and never had to have one, and no one ever suggested it. Read between the lines.

Fin 3 weeks

Lol... Yeah of course u did just like u aced ur sats

Kelby 3 weeks

The fact a Doctor thought he needed to be tested says a lot

Matthew 3 weeks

What grown man brags about test scores??? Jesus man, grow up.

Who 3 weeks

Obviously this test is for a toddler

Ian 3 weeks

"Sample questions from the exam include drawing the hands on a clock, naming pictures of animals and repeating a list of numbers forwards and backwards." If the doctors were surprised by his ability to perform these tasks well then they must have had Incredibly low expectations initially.

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