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49 million videos removed by TikTok due to content violations in six months

49 million videos removed by TikTok due to content violations in six months

In a latest transparency report, TikTok has said that nearly 49 million videos were removed from its database due to content violations. These videos were removed within a span of six months between July and December 2019. According to TikTok, about a quarter of those videos contained sexual activity or adult nudity.

Rocky 2 months

Pretty sure a chunk of these vids were critics of Chinese p uigher camps hongkong etc

SickOfTribalisem 1 months

Only 50 million.. oh no big deal they have how many active users oh right.. "800 million" active users.. (at least from official stats.. and we all know of trustworhy china is theres no way no way in hell they have mindless bots and it's not as if u can test it by making a random account spamming bla bla bla comments and get followers... pro tip definatly don't say anything positive ababout china becuse it sure as hell won't bring u a surge in followings of "strange accounts" at the lack of a better word) i'm pretty sure it's not just me that's a lot!... but hey anything with the slightest chance of insulting the ccp most go

Hydroceles 2 months

Tik tok sold 49 million videos on the black market. Got it.

Himadri Mandal
Himadri Mandal 1 months

How many were removed for having content on Tianamen, Tibet, Uyghurs, Taiwan, Hong Kong and CCP aggression on borders with countries?

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