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Training for white staff aimed at ’undoing whiteness’ held in Seattle

Training for white staff aimed at ’undoing whiteness’ held in Seattle

A segregated training workshop for white staffers was organized by the city of Seattle last month, in which the workers were instructed about the ways to ’undo their whiteness’. The training session was allegedly organized by the Office of Civil Rights, on June 12, and was titled ’Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness’.

Tom A
Tom A
intherough 4 months

Sweet Mother of God. This continuation of beating people up who had nothing to do with slavery or the history of laws in this country, is really going to produce some very angry people. I believe it's creating more racism. Time will tell.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

Here is the source they deleted for what ever reason

8 2
8 2 4 months

It's being pushed by that crazy White girl on the NY Times Best Seller list "White Fragility" she made all her money selling companies on this stuff. She clearly grew up rich, white, and privileged and never lived with Black folks or even spent any time with our community. The problem is that she thinks all White folks are as rasists as she is. Most White folks I've met aren't rasists, but you can spot a radist if they claim they're some kind of alley (run). That training just pushes Black stereotypes, it is the most rasists, paitranizing thing and makes Black folks look like week and fragile people that need the help of White folks to sevive. Black folks don't need to be treated like children, we need to be treated like equals!

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