Foxconn to invest $1 Billion in India

Foxconn to invest $1 Billion in India

Amid trade deal and Covid-19 Pandemic Apple is planning to reduce dependency on China for it’s manufacturing and supply chain management. This is in align with Apple’s plans to push make in India to grab bigger share of Indian smartphone market.

James 0 months

What? Foxconn hasn't even finished the plant here in Wisconsin yet. Seems just like yesterday that Trump, Scooter Walker, Voss and the rest of the chaod lickers were breaking ground in Racine with golden shovels, and blowing smoke up our behinds telling us the halcyon days of manufacturing were returning to the rust belt post hate. Liars.

Antony 0 months

World cringies at the quality of made in China. Wait until it gets a load of made in india.

Boycott Newsvoice
Boycott Newsvoice 0 months

So let me get this straight Unquestionably the biggest Electronics manufacturer in China Is going to invest 1 billion dollars In India... Who else has an ineffable feeling of something Not being On the up-and-up? Personally I get the image of an iron fist in a velvet glove. Something tells me China is trying to buy concessions for the disputed territories on the border with India.

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