Goya Foods CEO refuses to apologize to critics for his pro-Trump comments

Goya Foods CEO refuses to apologize to critics for his pro-Trump comments

CEO of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue spoke at the White House on Thursday in favor of President Trump, stating that the US is ’blessed’ to have such a President. As a consequence, he received criticism online including #BoycottGoya circulating on Twitter. ’I’m not apologizing,’ he voiced in response adding that the criticism served as a medium of ’suppression of speech.’

porcus 3 weeks

Well, I will check out their products. Time to start putting my wallet where my mouth is. I suspect quite a few of you should be similarly examining your own stances and deciding if you are going to be the silent majority that never speaks up even in the most round about passive fashion possible.

PA_Patriot89 3 weeks

Refusing to bend your knee is the only way to defeat cancel culture

Miami's Last Capitalist
Miami's Last Capitalist 3 weeks

Anyone else suddenly want to buy Goya?

Rocky 3 weeks

This disgusts me my Syrian Parents didn't come to America to see this bs. They left to avoid being oppressed and not aloud to be free economically and freedom of speech and now people are getting boycotted for being conservatives I'm not atrump supporters and more in the middle of both parties but this is disgusting. Smh the idea of boycotting people off of their political views and no uniting as a nation and maybe boycotting china or Sum shit instead let's boycott our own people for their political views

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 3 weeks

They made me the spic I am today 😢 Godbless them. I raise my Malta Goya in their honor

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 3 weeks

finally someone with some oranges

makkusu 3 weeks

Stay Srong! We need ya

Sergio 3 weeks

Finally a real man with BALLS

TheEnlightenedFool 3 weeks

Never bought a product.. yet none should discount a product based on a CEOs or whomever opinion.. I mean come on.. People love Ford, Volkswagen, n Disney (especially) despite the opinions a CEO or founder did..

Seekster 3 weeks

No American should have to apologize for voicing their political opinions.

Pj 3 weeks

Good more people and companies should speak out if thier pro trump, i have never stopped, trust me main stream media doea not speak for the democrats, jest the far leftist, and trust me they are not that scary.

David 3 weeks

Fortunately, American consumers get to vote EVERY DAY with our dollars. Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country and bring this corporate "citizen", Goya Foods, to heel or to its knees with a boycott.

Ben 3 weeks

Right, wrong, or indifferent... finally someone with some balls to stand behind their words.

S. 3 weeks

I have never bought any Goya product before because the only Spanish food I can cook is tacos and I just buy the kit. But next time I’m in the supermarket I am buying a few Goya products. I’m sure it’s going to be delicious so I will continue to buy Goya products. That guy is a true American patriot hero. I hope they continue to stand strong.

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 3 weeks

Their adobo seasoning is gold for those who like making chicken or pork adobo. Good to know there is still a few companies willing to stand up against the leftist mob.

Gary 3 weeks

They do make a nice beans and rice burrito......but one can get beans and rice pretty much anywhere and...they're all nice! Sooooo.....ok, I'm in for the boycott but I wasn't buying any Goya products anyway...ever. Well, except for that one burrito and my hipster girlfriend gave me that.

a commoner
a commoner 3 weeks

I bought Pico de Gayo. I support the right to have an opinion and not be cancelled for it

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 3 weeks

You got balls, guy. Balls.

Based 3 weeks

great time to stock up on canned goods, I just bought a cart full of various GOYA beans at $0.89 per can and they are best by 2025 which means donate them to charity in 2024 and do a tax write off and then replenish with fresh reserves

Rose 3 weeks

And that’s fine. Those are his opinions, we have our own. Some agree with him, some don’t. I am one who doesn’t agree with his opinions on Trump, but I’m quite sure many already know that.

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