Well France has 20% tax on products so it's about fair. Funny America gets crapped on for what most other countries already do.

Jack 3 weeks

Prior to the end of world war 2 the US had high taxes on all imports. These were removed for it's allies in Europe to help them recover. This was extended to many nations over the century. It is or perhaps was the basis for free trade. It is also one the main reasons for the US's extreme debt. They have very nearly destroyed themselves to protect and rebuild their allies.

Antony 3 weeks

Ye, fight with Europe. If the US wants to pick a bone with everyone, it certainly can. I did not know American exceptionalism really means not getting along with anyone.

8 2
8 2 3 weeks

Tariffs should be equal. The delayed implementation is to give them a chance to fix the problem. Trump uses this tactic all the time such as with the WHO, saying it will go into affect in six months. This shows he serious without actually making any changes yet.

sergio.O 3 weeks

Lool he tried the same crap like a year ago with a 100% tarrifs on 2.4billion worth of product... All that because the french gvt tries to implement a 3%digital service taxes on giants like Amazon, fb apple etc... Services that FYI are giant taxe evaders ( with technique like the "double Irish with a Dutch sandwich" and much more) So I find it hardly fair that he's been trying to bully even his allies with tarrifs over a small taxe of 3% that is about the big corporation cheating taxes.... Anyway macron did that because the negociations with OECD to have this system applied everywhere is still ongoing and doesn't seem to go anywhere ... He knows it's a good point for his reelection so he moved ahead.

Aspire is to inspire before we expire Ohana
Aspire is to inspire before we expire Ohana 3 weeks

Why though?

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