Jojinx 4 weeks

For the umpteenth time, the numbers are inflated and inaccurate... Hospital board members has repeatedly stated on camera this fact about the virus 🤨

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 4 weeks

Because everyone's either leaving cause all of the chrome riots, and chaos, or being killed by said chaos, or because they died in nursing homes because infected are sent there. But yeah congrats NY you brought down your Wu Flu numbers which would have barely killed anyone if it weren't for your stupid intentional incompetence.

Hasegawa Fish
Hasegawa Fish 4 weeks

If infection estimates are multiple times higher than tested, wouldn't it make sense for NY to be down? They already had a massive wave, so maybe they got accidental herd immunity.

BlueGrover 3 weeks

@John W. Would you post a link to info on the imflated New Yotk numbers? Thanks.

John W
John W 4 weeks

Even the inflated Deaths are around 700 and steady ,and going down slightly. After supposedly massive infection increase. Every new day just exposes the scam! We don't want your economic depression. Stop with nonsense.😷🐂💩

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