30-year-old dies after attending ’Covid party’ in Texas

30-year-old dies after attending ’Covid party’ in Texas

A 30-year-old man in Texas has died of Covid-19 after attending a party meant to prove the virus was a hoax. ’This is a party held by somebody diagnosed with the Covid, and the thought is that people get together to see if the virus is real and if anyone gets infected,’ said Dr. Jane Appleby of the Methodist hospital in San Antonio. Appleby said that the patient was regretful before he died.

Joseph Heitzman
Joseph Heitzman 2 weeks

I did a little research, and found this article that addresses the very headline. https://www.wired.com/story/the-latest-covid-party-story-gets-a-twist/ Appears this is just Urban Legend to keep us all convinced that we are going to die, and kill Grandma in the process.

Ryan 2 weeks

In response to other comments... There was a name in this article; a Doctor, who I'm sure had a legal obligation to withhold the patients name. Is it impossible that this story is made up? No. But even on the off chance it's made up, yes, I would put money on the fact that this has happened already. Mostly because of the denial a lot of people are going through. To those who think this is fake *and* think a covid party might be a good idea. The facts are this virus has a pretty high chance of making you feel like 🐃💩 if not simply having a small chance of killing you. Also, the latest'I've read is that the antibodies wane over a period of months. It would be like intentionally getting a cold to get the antibodies but with much worse consequences. Well guess what, next cold season you can still get it yet again. And no,'I'm not saying Sars-cov-2 is like a cold, I am saying the antibodies might wane similarly to the point that you can be infected again. So, a covid party in that sense would be pointless. I think our hopes lie within multiple successes in vaccines that can be applied repeatedly. If y'u're an anti-vaxer, all i can say is, I truly hope the best for you and that you do more research on peer reviewed medical journals on the benefits of vaccines. A proven vaccine is a safer and sustainable path to herd immunity. Luckily the majority of people understand doctors are smarter than they are in the health department. On the flip side, is how much longer it will take a vaccine to prove safe and efficacious. Recent news'I've read puts the earliest emergency release of a sars-cov-2 vaccine in early 2021. Th't's faster than normal and'I'm no Dr, but I do know they are adding a much higher number of emergency volunteers in the trials to prove efficacy and safety before release in attempts to speed up the process. However, even with fast tracking th't's another half year of closures for areas with outbreaks. Not ideal. The'e's always hope for better treatments but, new drugs also take years to develop and finding a treatment with existing drugs, so far, only slightly reduces the number of deaths. D'n't get me wrong, any positive results in treatment is a good thing but the number of cases is still an upward curve, which doe'n't make current treatments a magic bullet for getting the global economy back on track or for getting life back to normal. The social, psychological and economical impact of this virus also has to weigh in on the ethical balance of a solution as opposed to keeping people locked down. The'e's always an off chance that during this pandemic some pharmaceutical company gets extremely lucky with some form of treatment that has a high success rate but'I'm not counting on it. And no... Lack of a 100% effective treatment is not some sort of a conspiracy. The'e's complications to consider. New drugs take years to develop, and with using existing drugs all of the following has occurred. A drug that provides faster recovery for younger or no preexisting conditions may cause risks by giving it to elderly or patients with preexisting conditions that match covid itself, which make them pointless to give since the cure has the same chances of death. Or, a drug shows such a small success rate that it is too low to prove it was actually the drug that helped and not some other variable so it requires further testing to prove it wa'n't an anomaly. Small variations in treatments that show the best outcome is what doctors are using which is why the death rate is somewhat flat even though numbers of cases is an upward curve. It would take a global conspiracy as any country that knew of a good treatment would whistle blow. Which ha'n't happened. What we do know is some countries have benefitted from strictly using masks and social distancing much better than in the US. Please do not judge from one off stories of an 100% effective treatment.'I'm willing to bet the Dr. had patients with mostly 0 preexisting conditions, gave them a drug and is making a claim to fame when the patients wou'd've likely survived anyway. Meanwhile the elderly getting treated at a nursing home down the road have a much higher death rate th't's attributed to positive covid testing which offsets those claims and the treatment was likely unsafe for the elderly to begin with. One story does not constitute the big picture. And yes, some deaths may be wrongly attributed to covid simply because they died while positive, but you c'n't ignore the majority of cases counted where covid put patients on a respirator until they suffocated or a lot of cases where it lead to heart failure. Yes, maybe a flu wou'd've led to heart failure as well, but this contagion is highly transmissibl and I would argue that if not for covid many of the weak and elderly would not have caught anything and would be alive and well today.

Lucino 2 weeks

A Covid party

Leonard 2 weeks

Nature's way of weeding the stupid out of the human race.

Jon 2 weeks


John W
John W 2 weeks

Yea I smell 🐂💩

Pam 1 weeks


Vivian Russell
Vivian Russell 2 weeks

No name given, memorable last words. Yet another story with a perfect Hollywood line. I don't buy it, sorry.

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