French pedophile facing death penalty kills himself in prison

French pedophile facing death penalty kills himself in prison

A French pedophile, accused of molesting nearly 300 children has killed himself in prison. The man had been given a death penalty for his crimes. The 65 year old was arrested in a hotel in Jakarta last month where he was found with two underage teenage girls. The man, Francois Abello Camille, reportedly beat children if they refused to have sex with him.

Vivian Russell
Vivian Russell 4 weeks

Unlike Epstein who had the dirt on many "important" people, this creep had nothing of value to offer. Not sorry he's permanently gone.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 4 weeks

A pedophile and wearing a mask? Must be the darling of the Democrats!

Jdf88 Jdf88
Jdf88 Jdf88 4 weeks

Saves on drugs or electrucity or whatever it was that was going to kill him otherwise.

bostonboy 4 weeks

Scum like this don’t deserve death, they should be thrown into general population and let the other inmates have their way! He deserved to live the rest of his life in fear like the countless children he abused did.

Andy 3 weeks

Fracois Abello ne s’est pas suicidé!

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 4 weeks

Whoopsie. Probably slipped and hit his head. It happens to pedos in prison.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 weeks

"You can't kill me!, I'll do it first! Hahaha"

Fin 4 weeks

Saved France millions I bet..

Bob Of Cheesecake
Bob Of Cheesecake 4 weeks

Another one bites the dust.

porcus 4 weeks

Saved the French taxpayers some money.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 4 weeks

Jakarta Epstein. Where was Hillary on Saturday?😂

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